Commercial Cleaning

We are Specialists

We understand the importance of your company's image and office

appearance. We believe that our trained professionals can provide you

with the highest level of performance on a consistent basis. Janna's Cleaning

uses a superior system of labour management which helps to maintain high

quality of the service.

We view our business relationship as a team effort to help your company maintain its high image.

Cost Effective and Efficient

We can design a detailed program in writing - complete with a Task and Frequency Chart on when items are scheduled to be cleaned and a detailed Labour Cost Breakdown. We work in team that will be cost effective as well as consistent and efficient over the long term.

We are what you need to solve your janitorial concerns.

We do the extraordinary every day, freeing you up to do what you do best - generate revenue and service your customers. We also provide custom cleaning, based on your needs. We can arrange daily, multi-days, weekly or bi-weekly basis for you.

Our office cleaning and janitorial service can offer you services of vacuuming, emptying trash, detailed dusting, lunchroom cleaning, restroom cleaning and various other custom cleaning services.