Thermomix® consultant ID 111503

We will clean after your builders, and we will leave your home nice and

tidy, just the way you would like it. In a few hours your property will

be spotless and sparkle. The service is available any time any day as

any other.

We have designed a thorough task list, which will cover every corner in your home. You can also provide your own list of requirements, so we can target the areas of your house that you the most concern. The exceptional standard and the guaranteed quality help us to succeed and to develop a wide range of cleaning services. We know it is important for you that your house is spotless and we work hard to achieve outstanding results every time we clean your home. For your convenience, the equipment and the usual supplies can be provided by us on a request and additional charge may apply.

We also specialize in cleaning services on Construction Site. Our cleaners are train to provide high maintenance and efficient services from entire housing development to high rise buildings. Detailed cleaning specifications for every site will be prepared. On-site project manager available to check to quality and the performance of the work.

Please submit a request for a quote here or give us a call on (973) 571 0660